Solar Systems

Rooftop Solar

  • Easy and cost-effective to install if the roof structure is relatively flat.
  • Roof angle and shading could affect the power generation. 
  • Extra FiT bonus for rooftop installation.

 Building Integrated PV (BIPV)

  • PV materials are used to replace conventional building materials such as the roofs, skylights, or facades.
  • Initial cost could be off set by reduction on building materials.
  • Additional FiT bonus for BIPV rooftop.

Solar Car Ports

  • Where minor leakage is tolerated.  Easier to install than 100% water-proof BIPV rooftop.
  • FiT bonuses for rooftop and BIPV are applicable.

Ground-Based Solar
  • Easy to build but land cost could be a factor.
  • Contaminated land could be converted to save cost.
  • Proximity to power grid is important.

Floating Solar Systems
  • Reservoirs, old mining sites, lakes, ponds, rivers, etc.
  • Proximity to hydro-power dam or power grid is a plus.
  • Higher installation cost, which could be offset over land costs.